CNU Ammo Humidor

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Serve in the Military?…  Know someone that has?… Just love cool things?…. this is a favorite for sure then!

This Ammodor custom cigar humidor is built by re-purposing a vintage CNU-317/E shipping and storage container acquired at surplus auction from the US Military. The CNU-317/E container was manufactured for Lockheed Martin to hold the laser guidance kit (front tip) of a GBU-12 PAVEWAY II laser-guided air-to-ground bomb.

The GBU-12 PAVEWAY II laser-guided bomb is an American aerial bomb based on the Mk 82 500-pound general-purpose bomb, but with the addition of a nose-mounted laser seeker (the “brains” of the bomb) and fins for guidance. Mounted on the front point of the bomb, this laser control system is officially called the MAU-169A/B guidance kit. This is the portion of the bomb that the CNU-317/E storage container originally housed. The Paveway II was mounted on and fired from various aircraft including A-7, A-10, B-52, F-111, F-117, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, and F-14.

The CNU Ammodor is 100% American made and built-to-order. Handcrafted by by our master craftsman and Vet, Jerry and inventor Kevin. It is made with 1/4″ thick solid wood Spanish Cedar wall lining and 1/4″ Spanish Cedar plywood lid and floor lining. Measures around 4′ x 1′ x 1′ and nearly 100lbs. Holds 1500+ robusto size cigars and boxes – over 4100 cubic inches of storage capacity. Featured OD Green patina and may have original military stencils and warning indicators.

Cleaned and sanitized prior to use with our proprietary sterilization process. Customization includes hinging lid with painted stainless steel door hinges and lining the bottom of the container with OD Green felt to protect table top surfaces. Features handles on each end and a rubber gasket ring and three heavy-duty closure latches – 100% air tight and waterproof.

Your choice of tray and divider configuration, humidification device and hygrometer. We also offer personalization such as custom decals, painted stencils or custom paint/powder-coating. Can be customized to fit any request. Contact us with any questions before ordering.

The Stinger ammo can humidors are built using surplus ammo cans that have been proudly used by our Armed Forces. Due to this fact, the outside of the can may have minor scratches, dings or light exterior rust. Exterior markings and stencils will vary. Frankly, we think that’s what makes them so cool! Ammo humidors(Ammodors) are tough, combat tested and look bad ass! If you’re looking for a “pretty” little cigar humidor, look somewhere else.

Ammodors are cigar humidors handcrafted from authentic US Military surplus metal ammunition boxes. They are portable, waterproof,

air-tight and are the World’s toughest cigar humidor!  Custom assembled and 100% made in the USA using family-owned, small business

craftsmanship. Available in a variety of size with configuration options such as trays, dividers personalization using decals and painted

stencils and more. First built in 1998, Ammodors are the original ammo can humidor and are truly one-of-kind !


• Made in the USA 100%

• Spanish Cedar lining, 1/4” thick solid wood

• Grade 1 military surplus ammo cans

• Patent pending

• Hygrometers and humidifiers available

• Cleaned and sterilized – no odors!

• Bottom lined with felt to prevent scratching of tabletop surfaces

• Lifetime warranty

• A portion of your purchase supports Military and Veteran based non-profits