The 30MM

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Serve in the Military?…  Know someone that has?… Just love cool things?…. this is a favorite for sure then!

The 30 has all features of our most popular product but in a smaller and more portable size! It’s patent pending and built using a .30 cal/7.62 size M19 ammunition can. Holds 25-50 cigars and has plenty of room for sticks of most sizes – it’s perfect for traveling.

Available in several trim options:

  • • Our Basic Issue version includes a FREE Basic Ammodor humidifier.
  • • Or upgrade to our Ammodor Deluxe Kit that includes a more efficient gel bead Deluxe Ammodor Humidifier and a Ammodor Digital Hygrometer.
  • • Enjoy the ultra-convenience and simplicity of Boveda humidification with the Boveda Deluxe kit that includes a 69% Boveda humidity pack and a Ammodor Digital Hygrometer.
  • • Get the reliability and lifetime warranty that Xikar is famous for with our Xikar Deluxe Kit. Includes a Xikar Crystal 50 humidifier and a Xikar PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer.

Deluxe Kits are perfect for the cigar enthusiast that don’t want to hassle with buying hardware separately -OR- the beginner who isn’t sure how to get started. Add a lighter and a punch and you’ve got everything you need to be a true cigar aficionado!

Save time and hassle getting your humidor setup with the convenience of our humidor seasoning pack and hygrometer calibration kit as well!

Ammodors are cigar humidors handcrafted from authentic US Military surplus metal ammunition boxes. They are portable, waterproof,

air-tight and are the World’s toughest cigar humidor!  Custom assembled and 100% made in the USA using family-owned, small business

craftsmanship. Available in a variety of size with configuration options such as trays, dividers personalization using decals and painted

stencils and more. First built in 1998, Ammodors are the original ammo can humidor and are truly one-of-kind !


• Made in the USA 100%

• Spanish Cedar lining, 1/4” thick solid wood

• Grade 1 military surplus ammo cans

• Patent pending

• Hygrometers and humidifiers available

• Cleaned and sterilized – no odors!

• Bottom lined with felt to prevent scratching of tabletop surfaces

• Lifetime warranty

• A portion of your purchase supports Military and Veteran based non-profits